Super soft scarves
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Romance FC x Bad Sports Limited Edition Scarf

After three years of scheming, hosting, toasting and supporting, Romance FC & Bad Sports proudly present their first super soft, scarf collaboration. Art Direction by founding manager Trisha Lewis, photography by striker SSS.

When Bad Sports welcomed us through their doors back in 2016 as our clubhouse then SHOWED UP to screen the UEFA Women's Euros 2017 when most venues sneered at the idea of showing womxn's football, we knew early on we had buds for life that had our backs and cared about the grassroots community.

Together we champion the underdogs as we are both proof of what underdogs can achieve when you put your paws together. 

Claire > Overall:M.C Overalls + Gilet, Clipper Case & Hoops: Hanger Inc 
Reece > Overall: M.C Overalls 
Justin > Jacket & Jeans: M.C Overalls 
Jamal > Coat: M.C Overalls 
Photographs by Stephanie Sian Smith

Design notes from Mikey Gilles

"The Wide World of Sports is not collaboration’s natural habitat—you gotta rep your team win or lose—which is exactly why the Romance FC x Bad Sports alliance fits so perfectly in the form of a football scarf.
Romance FC exists to overthrow presumptions and crush ignorance.
Bad Sports cherishes the underdogs, crusaders for the unmarketable cultural cachet of American sports.

I wanted to capture that they stand together against the capitalist monopoly & branded sanitisation of the true spirit of PLAYING.
These colours mean TOGETHER.


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