September 21, 2017

A Little Less Conversation, a write up.

(L-R) Luisa Gerstein, Phoebe Roberts, Trisha Lewis, Joesph Bond and Bwalya Newton. All photo credit: K2RAH

Hosted by designer, features editor of LAW and Hackney Gazelles (Basketball) coach Joseph Bond we explored the connection between positive mental health and being amongst sports teams, creative collectives and their surroundings.

The panel included Trisha Lewis - Romance FC founder, Bwalya Newton - Writer & Hackney Gazelles founder, Phoebe Roberts - Managing Director of The Wonder Staff, Luisa Gerstein - Founder of Deep Throat Choir. All gave a real and honest insight into the work they do and why they do it.

From the off Joseph stressed the importance of encouraging an open conversation about mental health & its effects before opening up for questions.

We talked everything from collectives being an extended family, the complexed world of working with brands, the importance of good food (patty and bun/chicken & chips debatable) and how in this technology driven world 'going forward' to nature feels more fitting.

The series is curated by F A M co-founder and original Romance FC player, Nell Jordan-Gent and produced by Kate Winsor.



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